High Quality, Rugged Luggage in Newark | Motorcycle Bags & Panniers

 High Quality, Rugged Luggage  in Newark | Motorcycle Bags & Panniers

High Quality, Rugged Luggage in Newark | Motorcycle Bags & Panniers

Tell Us About The Company

humble beginnings?

  founded in 1993 by Al Jesse, a well-known motorcycle journey traveler. Jesse Luggage's new owner owner of Precision Metal Mfg, LLC. in Mesa, AZ, has been manufacturing aluminum since 2007. 

Jesse Luggage was sold to Sean in 2017, and we've been refining our items We believed that some modifications could improve our Newark Best Motorcycle Bags, and we went to work. build durable in the world. First Product Motorcycle panniers have the business many years. the best aluminum Best Motorcycle Accessories on the market. Make one product the best. We are now following same style, structure, and strength.

This is evident in the New Challenger collection also in the more economical series. How Do You Test Products Prior to offering them for sale - any type of unique method? tested numerous ways. Our panniers are rigorously tested resilience by using destructive testing procedures. literally beat them to a pulp to identify weak spots, attend to any kind of issues find.

Where Do You Get suggestions from customers friends? Most of our ideas come from our customers. carefully, and although we cannot address every suggestion given to us, we try to apply it somewhere. a few things pipeline that we are presently designing. Some things bring to fruition.

Do You Have A Product Genius

One that the general public doesn't buy a lot of, even though Absolutely! We offer an adapter plate that will allow our customers install racks. gives them ability switch rugged just a few minutes. a huge benefit for those who take a trip afar a lot of off-roading. also starting production new Baja panniers. The Baja will be our economy line, designed maintain some of smaller sized, more economical bikes in mind.

Which Product Best most popular product, by far, is the new Challenger 10' panniers along with mounting racks for the BMW R1200 and R1250 GS/A, followed by second with the same parts Keeping these in stock proven to be quite a challenge.'

Are Any Or All Of Your Products Made Locally?

Each of our panniers and is CNC-cut and formed, hand-built in-home by our skilled artisans. Our panniers are fully welded inside and TIG- bonded outside, after that hand-finished before being sent out to our powder coater here in Arizona for a very resilient finish, inside and out.

Do You Keep Much Product In Stock?

Yes, we have significantly increased our on-hand Motorcycle Luggage Training supply, a lot of cases, we can ship

How Much Time Does It Take To Move From A Concept To The Final Product On The Rack? Typically, several versions are required to get the Newark Best Motorcycle Accessories finalized and ready for the treacherous journey that a few of our customers will It can take or two, all the way up to a year, depending on the complexity.

Can You Say That All Or A Large Part Of Your Line Of Product Is Made In The U.S.?

Absolutely! With only one think of, and that is our gasket material. other items are here in the U.S.A., most of which are built right here in our facility

 High Quality, Rugged Luggage  in Newark | Motorcycle Bags & Panniers

High Quality, Rugged Luggage in Newark | Motorcycle Bags & Panniers